Grow Forth

I was at the restaurant slicing green onions this week.  After I finished the job, I went to throw away the unusable parts at the bottom of the onion. 


One of the chefs was…

On Dogs

I’ve never had a dog before my dog, Hank.  So I’ve never been through the loss of a dog either.  This week, I had to put down my friend of 14 years.  And it was every bit as hard as…


Another week, another series of losses.

Between work and home, I've lost many people and things that were fixtures in my life.  A few close colleagues at the restaurant left to take other jobs.  My outdoor patio at the…

Continuing Education

In all my life, I’ve never felt so uncertain.   

With COVID-19 cases spiking all around us, I have no idea how much longer my restaurant will be serving customers indoors.  Once that happens, I don’t know if we’ll make…

For The Birds

My Grandma Ruth spent the final years of her life sitting by her kitchen window, looking at the birds.  She lived to be 96, and she was the kindest person I knew.  She ate a lot of coffeecake, swam the…

Forced Perspective

I was all thumbs this week.

We reopened my restaurant.  By the time the weekend was over, my staff and I had completed a litany of mortifying mistakes, including burning dozens of cinnamon rolls, breaking an espresso machine, and…

A Different Kind of Discipline

It's been a hard, hot couple of weeks.  Not even coffee is reviving me lately.  

Between building our outdoor patio at the restaurant, finishing up new album prep work, and being a mom, I'm zapped.  I've tried to combat…

Mom First

No blog for me tonight.  The kids needed a little extra time with their mom.  No apologies.  I'll see you next Monday.  Have an incredible week. -Em


Big Dreams, Small Skills

We just spent the weekend at my restaurant building an outdoor seating pavilion.  Our staff is sunburned, bruised, and gassed.  I can barely lift my arms today.

Feels great.

I don't know if it's everybody or just me…


Out of Quarantine

As of today, our state has entered into Phase 3 of reopening.  Our daycare is still closed per DCFS, so I'm still home with our kids. My restaurant is allowed to open for outdoor seating, which would be wonderful.

Week 10 of Quarantine: creating without commentary

Owning a restaurant during COVID-19 has been interesting.  The news we receive from the government changes weekly, sometimes daily.  Two weeks ago, we were told we couldn't open until June 26th.  Last week, we were told we could open in…

Week 9 of Quarantine: Breaking Character

It was an industrious week.

On the restaurant front, our staff made a few video cooking demonstrations, and we started a big clean-out for reopening.  On the home front, I planted the rest of my garden (helloooo rhubarb and…