Covid Clarity

Most of the week was a blur. On Tuesday, I slept for 20 hours straight.  I remember the staff from my restaurant brought me soup and coffee.  I remember listening to some new music releases, and I remember Facetiming my…



I've got it.  Hard to breathe, much less write.  See you next Monday. xo Em

Double Release Show!

Happy belated Mother's Day to you all.  I spent the day working at my restaurant and then having dinner with my mom.  My husband got me a badass garden rake, and my kids made me cards.  I picked wild violets…

When In Doubt, Fill The Woodshed

When it rains, it pours. 

This was not my favorite week.  At my restaurant, we lost major appliances.  Beer coolers leaked. Ice machines flooded. Dish machines broke, and so did my heart.

(There's a terrible country song in there somewhere.)


Last night I played a show in the suburbs.  After it was over, a nice woman came up to me.  She said she envied me singing songs and running a restaurant for a living: how nice it must be to…

All In Good Time

Inspiration rarely strikes me at convenient times, and last Saturday was no exception. 

I woke up at 5 am that day because I wanted to get in a little time at the piano before I had to go cook a…

Guiltless Pleasures

Last night was the annual Grammy Awards.  I watched them from beginning to end and didn't miss a second. 

As an indie artist, I've been told by my peers that I'm "not supposed to like" the Grammys. The logic is…

Mrs. Finish Line

For me, one of the more difficult parts of being an artist is knowing when to call something “done.” 

When it comes to songwriting, I could edit til the cows come home.  My chord choices could always be more interesting…

It Isn't All About You

Last week, one of my coworkers seemed off.  She wasn't as care-free as usual.  She was short with me, and her tone was subdued. 

So me being me, I figured she was mad at me. 

Later in the week, I…

Central Parked

No blog tonight.  Just got back from New York City where my husband and I walked for miles and caught a Broadway show.  I'm beat.  Lots to say, but it'll wait until next week.  See you then. -Em

A Wandering Mind

When I was 19, I worked on a yard crew for a millwork company called Ingersoll. I loved that job; it was one of my favorites.  Even though I was spent at the end of the day, I was rarely…

California Emily

I'm flying home from California.  Beat.  And happy.  I just spent the last few days hiking trails near the Pacific, sharing beaches with elephant seals, riding horses through the winding mountain trails, writing poetry with actual pencils and paper, and--most…