The Cuss Jar


Our family keeps a swear jar. We have to put in $1 every time we cuss. We’ve been keeping it for years now, and the jar was full to the brim. So last week, we decided it was time to cash it in and take a vacation. My 7 year-old daughter pointed out: “the majority of this money is mom saying 's-h-i-t.'”
My crude mouth (along with some other savings) is sending my little family to California next week, and we’re so excited. It’s not often that we take big trips. We’re determined to spend less of our money on things and more of it on experiences. And jumping in the Pacific is an experience that we’re all looking forward to.
Reader, these summer days are flying by like they always do. Whenever I stress about time and money, it's nice to remember some of summer's best offerings--picking wild raspberries, watching fireflies and bats at twilight, and jumping in a lake--are all free.  And some of the added joys are just a small (and sometimes ridiculous) savings fund away.  I'm glad my cursing habit is paying off.
Wishing you a wonderful bullshit-free week. (The kids say I can cuss on my blog without paying up). See you next Monday. - Em

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