Joy Seeking

I played outside at a festival in downtown Rockford yesterday with my old friends Gerald Dowd, Gregg Ostrom, and John Abbey.  We had brunch at my restaurant before the gig. Today, my heart is full, and my head is murky. (I tried my first cannabis cocktails yesterday; man...they pack a punch).

I love playing outside. It feels like I'm a part of it all, singing under the sky. At the concert, someone was blowing bubbles. and then some kids were dancing, and then some birds were chirping, and then I got to make some noise too. It was really nice.  As I reflect on it, I realize why it was so wonderful:
I was joy-seeking.
Reader, I spend the majority of my waking life doing what I should.  I get up when I should. Make the kids breakfast when I should. Go to work and complete lists like I should. I'm good at should.  And I don't often put "enjoy the present" on my to-do list, despite my best-laid intentions.  But at yesterday's show, I felt well-rehearsed and was able to just bask in how great it felt to play.  And when the show was over, I was so energized that I didn't want to stop.
This week, I vow to resist my tendency to work feverishly; I plan to enjoy the present more often, and I sure hope you can, too.  Let's revel in it this week. I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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