Spending Time In Your Element

My husband loves wood boats. He’s been fascinated with them since we’ve been in high school.  He’s restored and sold 9 wood boats. As a Father’s Day present, our family headed to the North Woods in Wisconsin for the Antique Wood Boat Show in Minocqua so he could geek out for a few days. 

I love to see him in his element.

The kids and I spent a little time at the show before we stopped by a restaurant to play bags (their element…for now), and then we drove to the shores of Lake Superior by the fields of lupine blossoms. That’s my element: lost in nature.

Father’s Day has been hard for me since my dad died, but seeing the light in the eyes of the people I love really helps to give perspective.  Reader, we’re here on earth for a short time.  In that time, we’re meant to find our own elements, to make time for those places and circumstances that resonate so hard that we beam.  I loved getting a little time in mine, and I hope this week you’re able to spend time in yours. I’ll see you next Monday. -Em

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