I’m shamelessly in love with Lyle Lovett. My husband fully endorses this one-way romance and takes me to see Lyle every year when he tours through the Chicago area with his large band. We saw him last night. I’m still flying high. 

Here’s the thing. There are better singers. There are better songwriters. There are better musicians. But I feel like there is no musical artist better at knowing himself, and I respect that quality above all others. He is polite, quirky, rugged, and intelligent, and he values passionate folks with big hearts. 

How do I know (outside of being a stalker)? Because he just exudes it. I feel like this man has never gone through an identity crisis. He is who he is, take it or leave it. 

I clearly take it. 

Reader, I’m endlessly inspired people who are what they are. Their self-confidence just rubs off. My heart is so fueled today that I’m off to work on my next album, and also spend a little more time at my restaurant. Whatever you’re up to this week, do it around real deal people. Live your truth, and expect others to do the same. In the end, is there any other way to really live? 

See you next Sunday. -Em