Women's March

STILL.  No baby.  I'm full-term and ready to pop.  I've got my fingers crossed that she makes her entrance any minute now.

In the meantime, I'm keeping busy.  I penned a few new tunes last week, started two restaurant design books, caught up on the New York Times, and cleaned out our attic (you know...nesting).  Being at home waiting on the baby isn't easy for me, but I'm making the most of it.  

Yesterday was the Women's March on Washington, and I participated in a sister city march in my hometown of Rockford.  It's getting a lot harder for me to get around, but I really wanted to be a part of the event, especially knowing I'm carrying a little girl in my belly.  So I made a bunch of signs, piled into a van with my family, and headed to downtown Rockford.  The streets were full of march participants.  It was a beautiful thing to be a part of; I felt so encouraged by the love and support radiating from the crowd.  

But when the march got underway, we were met by an anti-abortion group, holding up pictures of bloody fetuses with outdated "Hillary kills babies" text.  And the group shouted at us, accusing us of killing babies as well.  That's what I feel compelled to write about tonight.

Reader, my heart was broken to be verbally assaulted by this group while I marched lovingly with an unborn child in my womb.  This screaming at each other and failure to understand each other has got to come to an end.  If we hope to create a change, it shouldn't be done using the anger I was exposed to yesterday. 

Some of my best friends are Republicans.  Some are Dems.  Some vote green, and some don't vote at all.  Whatever you believe, let me tell you why I marched yesterday (spoiler alert: it wasn't to celebrate the right to murder unborn babies or a desire to take guns away, or even to protest the election; I fully accept our new administration is what it is).

I marched yesterday because I believe in many things.  I believe science is real, and it is to be trusted in regards to issues like climate change and the necessity of investing in clean energy.  I believe in facts, figures, and statistics, which is why I believe in the importance of the black lives matter movement.  I believe that love is love, and so no LGBTQ person should be made to feel unwelcome in their desire to love who they choose.  I believe that we are all immigrants, and so--providing it doesn't hurt anybody else--a person should be free to celebrate the culture, religion, and customs that resonate best with them, here on American soil.  I believe in being informed by unbiased information, which is why I support taking major decisions (like owning a gun or getting an abortion) on a case-by-case basis.  I believe in being kind to one another, so bullying language should not stand.  I believe in equality, which is why I believe all genders should demand to be treated with the same language, decency, and respect. I believe in grace and humanity, which is why I believe Americans cannot righteously exit from the world stage, simply because the rest of the planet doesn't somehow better our economic interests.  Most importantly, I believe in hard work, which is why I know that I alone control my ability to get a job in a relevant industry in this ever-changing world. 

That is why my little baby and I marched.

We are free to believe in whatever we choose, Reader.  Our President has stated via tweets and interviews that he does not share my beliefs, and so I felt the desire to make my voice heard in this peaceful way.  Whatever you believe, I truly hope you feel free to express your truth without fearing being assaulted by your countryfolk.  Scary times do not call for more fear.  They call for calm resolve and understanding.  Have a peaceful week, and this mama will see you next Sunday. -Em

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