Well Enough

Bit of breakthrough for me last week.  The guys and I hit King Size Sound Labs to make another live record.  I usually like to go into sessions with at least 14 songs.  That way, if I don't like the way 3 or 4 of them turn out, I still have enough for a full record. 

I've been working on writing tunes all year, and I thought I had about 10 pretty good songs.  I also have dozens of rough tunes that are full of place-filler lyrics and weak melodies.  So I brought in 4 of those unfinished tunes, thinking we'd use them to warm up and have fun, since none of them would matter anyway. 

Turns out, those were the best ones of the bunch.   

Reader, I forget: sometimes a piece of art requires a lot of work, and other times, it just needs to be left alone.  There's a difference between fine-tuning and overworking.  There are times when we just need to leave well enough alone and believe that it's more important for art to evoke feelings than it is for art to be good.  

Let's keep it real this week, and I'll see you next Monday. -Em 
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