War And Peace

My restaurant’s Snømarket is OVER.  It was our hardest one yet.  I spent all weekend buying, skinning, and curing salmon. After a late night breaking down a hundred pounds of it, I woke up on Saturday with fish scales in my ears.

Not glamorous. Not easy. But worth every fishy minute.

Reader, when I started a restaurant 5 years ago, I never thought I would fight so hard for it in so many bizarre ways.  But here I am, fighting for my team, my community, my way of life, and I have such a sense of purpose.  I’ve never slept more peacefully.  It feels amazing to believe in something that isn’t me and want to work for it.  War and peace feel like they go hand in hand tonight.

I won’t be writing next week because it’s Christmas.  But please know that I’m wishing you a peaceful holiday, and also something to fight for.   Merry Christmas! -Em

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