Wanting What You've Got

My daughter turned 2 this weekend.  Today, I'm turning 39.  My husband asked us both what we wanted for our respective birthdays. My daughter asked for more toys, wrapped in pretty paper.  Me?  

I just want time.

Time to write.  Time to sing.  Time to cook.  Even just time to check my watch.  The last thing I want?

Toys, wrapped in pretty paper.  

Don't get me wrong: I loved getting toys as a kid.  But as an adult, I really don't like receiving packages.  While I can appreciate a friend taking the time to put an item in a box for me, I'd much rather just enjoy a night with a friend.  

Which got me thinking about life and desire, and realizing there's truth to the old adage:

Everybody wants what they don't have.

As a kid, I'd want a toy.  My parents would get one for me, and I'd play with it until it lost its luster, and then I'd want something else I didn't have.  As an adult, I want time.  Eventually, I'll have it, and I'll enjoy it until I get bored, and then I'll want something else I don't have.

The moral?

Enjoy what you've got while you've got it.

Reader, life moves quickly. I don't know that we'll ever be truly happy with the exact lot we're given, but I do know that the more we take time to appreciate the gifts we've got, the less we'll make time to long for what we don't have.  Today, this birthday lady is grateful for her family, her music, her restaurant, and her friends.  Whatever it is you've got, I hope you're figuring out how to love it for as long as you've got it.  

I'll leave you with this picture I took last night from the parking lot of our local grocery store.  What a gorgeous sunset.  Love each moment out there this week.  See you next week. -Em


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