Unrecognizable Love

This morning I had to re-pierce my 6 year-old daughter’s ears.  She bellowed as I shoved the earring through her bloody lobe.  We were both crying. When the job was done, she looked at me like I was her arch enemy.

Love doesn’t always look like love.

I’ve been thinking about that concept a lot. There is so much love that goes unnoticed, unrecognized, or just plain misunderstood in our lives.  I remember feeling like my dad didn’t love me all that much because he worked all the time.  It’s only now as an adult that I can see how working hard was the greatest love he could give.

Reader, sometimes I get to feeling bleak. But this week wasn’t one of those times.  This week, I felt to my core just how much love is out there. A lot of it is disguised. But with a twist of the mind and little pause in reaction, I’ve begun to see it more and more frequently.

I leave you with this picture of my daughter threatening me with an axe (don’t worry…we’re all fine here). Remember to look for the unrecognizable love this week, and I’ll see you on Monday. -Em

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