Unethical Ethics

Growing up, my family worked even when we weren't working.   For fun, we raked leaves.  For laughs, we split wood.  For a real hoot, we cut our brush, made a bonfire out of it, and invited the neighbors over for a weenie roast.

What can I say.  We know how to party.

And I've taken a lot of pride in our work ethic through the years.  But this week, it got a bit out of hand at my restaurant. On Friday night, I missed my husband's high school reunion because I needed to work.  On Saturday night, I missed family dinner because I needed to work.  On Sunday morning, I missed taking my kids to a museum because I needed to work.

This trend is sadly unwavering.

Reader, there comes a time when it's fair to admit that too much of a work ethic is simply not ethical.  It's morally inappropriate to miss so many family events, to not keep my word, to be absent in the lives of those who need me most.  If you too find yourself working hard at all costs, remember that it really does cost something. And sometimes, it's not worth it.  

With that, this songwriting restaurant-running mama is off to take her kids to the park.  I leave you with a picture of beautiful farmer's market foods that I picked up while taking a break from work. I'll be cooking with them this Thursday night at The Norwegian if you'd like to stop by and taste the fruits of my break. -Em


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