Tiny Adventures

Between the restaurant, songwriting, and home, it’s been a week of hard work.  And today I just spent 5 hours pressure washing around the house. 

I’m bushed. But happy.  It feels good to be sore.

In the middle of the work week, the kids decided we needed more adventure in our weekday lives.  So we all loaded in the back of the truck and explored a local park, threw the frisbee, and watched the geese.  Sometimes I forget how much of my hometown I still must explore.

Reader, if you too find yourself mired in the day-to-day grind, feeling helpless as you scroll through your newsfeed, don’t forget the power of small adventures.  Those little get-a-ways up the street can help reset us in a way that restores our peace of mind, or at least make us better able to cope with what life deals us.  I’m going to incorporate more of them into my life this week.  I hope you can as well. 

Wishing you tiny surprises and glimmers of hope this week. They're out there. See you next Monday. -Em

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