The Band Comes In

Being an introverted only child, I've gotten very comfortable working by myself.  Going solo on projects is my wheelhouse.  Not only because I don't have to trust anybody else, but also because--if I fail--then I'm the only one I let down.  And up until now, being a one-woman-show has worked well. 

But not lately.  My restaurant project is officially bigger than I am.  I cannot measure, cut, and hang my ceiling materials alone.  I cannot mount my signage alone.  And I am physically unable to lift the tons of equipment and furniture coming into my space.

And you know? I don't have to.

This week, the infantry showed up.  Friends, neighbors, and strangers lended their hands.  There was a staining team in my basement. There was a painting team on the main floor.  There was a signage team working outside, and even on the roof, there was a team on a crane.

That's a lot of teamwork; this introvert is wildly outside of her comfort zone.

In music, I've always enjoyed hearing a songwriter sing alone. But there's also an exciting lift when the band comes in.  And in this songwriter's life, I'm definitely feeling the boost from the band that just came into my life.  Reader, there really is nothing quite like a band and the willingness to admit that we need one sometimes.  I hope yours comes marching into your life, too.  See you next Sunday. -Em

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