Surface Fixes

I have a tendency to fix major problems with surface solutions.  Those broken eyeglasses? Tape them.  That burn on the wood floor? Get a rug. That broken heart?  Have a scotch.

And while these fixes don't solve the problem, they temporarily make it better.

That's been the theme of this whole year at my restaurant: I temporarily made a lot of things better.  When we found out that we would be forced to close our dining room, we turned our restaurant into a market.  We accomplished this feat as quickly as building the set of a high school play.  And while we may have fooled the public, behind the scenes, it was a mess.  The 5,000 square foot basement became an enormous catch all for junk upon junk upon junk. Broken shelves got more broken.  Faulty equipment gave out completely.  But as long as the plan was working, I let it all go.

This week, I didn't.  

I got right in there.  I have a sore back as I type tonight, and it feels great.  I threw out clutter.  I organized storage.  I built a workshop, mended shelves, and made an equipment plan.  No more surface fixes for me this year.  I'm ready to tackle the big fish.

Reader, if there's any issues that you've swept under the rug, consider staring it in the face and giving it a go.  I can't tell you how much more buoyant I feel after pushing myself this week to truly heal the problems that I've previously only bandaged.  Looking forward to more of the same next week.  See you next Monday.


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