Like Every Day's A Snow Day

There's more than a foot of snow on the ground here in Illinois, and this songwriter is in HEAVEN.  My husband's out of town, and that means I get to take over his job of blowing snow. The whole damn world is a sparkly winter paradise.  I've had an incredible morning throwing it everywhere.

The snowfall this week brought with it a lot of good things. Now that I've got a commercial building to tend to, I also have to remove snow from a block's worth of city sidewalks.  So when the snowfall started earlier this week, I grabbed my shovel and headed out.

Only to find that my neighbors had beaten me to it. 

I texted them to say thanks, then headed home.  It snowed through the night.  The next morning, I got up early and shoveled off their stretch of sidewalk, plus another neighbor's walkway.  They texted to say thanks.  The next day, another neighbor got in on the fun, and we both took care of every other neighbor's stretch of sidewalk in our block.

This has been going on for days.  We're literally falling over ourselves to dig each other out.

Which of course got me thinking:

Where is all this neighborly love the rest of the year?

Answer: in the same place. The only thing that changed is the weather.

Reader, if you're like me, then the hatred in the world today is likely getting to you.  But I just thought I'd take a sappy moment here to remind you: there's still so much good.  We still find reasons to unite.  Compassion is alive and well.*

(*At least at the corner of Auburn and Main in Rockford, Illinois.)

I haven't checked the weather report for next week, but in case all the snow melts, I'm going to be working to remember the lesson I learned from it: live more days like we all just got hammered with snow.  Hopefully you will, too.  I'll see you next Sunday. -Em

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