Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Reader.   I’m definitely feeling the love today.  It’s dumping snow here in Illinois.  And I’ve got a big fat lifelong crush on snow.  If snow were a person, I would wine it and dine it and take it home to meet the parents.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about love stories this week.  In romantic movies, books, and songs, love stories are epic sagas of joy and complications.  There are twists and turns and obstacles and triumphs.  Feelings are intense. Sweeping gestures abound.  At the end of each story, we feel a giant rush of emotion for the characters. And then we go back to our unromantic lives. 

But there is so much love in daily life.  

Reflecting on my week, I can count dozens of tiny love snippets.  They weren’t detailed or complicated.  There weren’t highs and lows.  Perhaps I couldn’t write a timeless love song about each one, but I could certainly write a myriad of love tweets. Just a quick sample: 

“For weeks now, I’ve lamented not having a new song in my head. FINALLY I wrote a  melody I love…that I now wish I could get out of my head.” 

“My son said his first word this week. It was ‘dad.’ He says is to everybody. This mom is a proud dad today.” 

“A few days ago, my husband randomly burst out an “I love you!”  I smelled his breath: no alcohol there.  His undrunken declaration made me so happy that we uncorked a bottle of wine.” 

I live for small moments.  In my little world, most love comes not in the form of a novel, but in very very short chapters. And now I’m off to write another one. Reader, I hope you’re able to do the same.  See you next Sunday.  xo  Em

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