Hi Reader, 

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday night.  This week, I finally launch my Kickstarter. You’ll be seeing a lot of changes on my site and on social media.  The next 60 days will be filled with loads of excitement and nail biting.  Wish me luck! 

Because I’m now having to make up “rewards” for various levels of giving on my Kickstarter, I’ve spent a lot of time this week reflecting on motivation, that inner drive that makes us want to do our best and work for something.  After some self-assessment, I’m learning that what spurs me on is fascinatingly childish. 

My worst motivator?  Money.  Money does nothing for me.  I understand its importance.  I understand I need it.  But it doesn’t make want to do great things.  

A close second to money for worst motivators are gifts, which are almost tied with words of praise.  Doing things because I’ll get something in return or because someone will tell me it’s “good” doesn’t make me reach my highest heights…it just makes me accomplish tasks with lackluster mediocrity. 

A finally comes this miserable motivator: doing something because it’s the right thing to do.  God, what a terrible reason to do anything.  Nothing takes the wind out of my sails like accomplishing things for a moral standard.  Being “good?” Blah blah blah snore snooze yak blech. 

So I’ve been thinking about it all week, and it occurred to me that my five very best motivators are:

1)   Fun.  Plain and simple.  I do well when things are fun. 

2)   Making a difference.  If I think that what I’m doing will support a cause I believe in, I kick into freaking overdrive. 

3)   Entertainment.  If something holds my attention and keeps me riveted, I will give everything to it. 

4)    Beauty. I like to make things beautiful. Gardens, houses, works of music--if it looks beautiful to my heart, I want to make it even better. 

5)   An end goal.  I like to work towards something down the road, towards some big dream or idea.  That may be my best motivator of all. 

With that in mind, I’m going forward with this Kickstarter assuming that maybe I’m not alone.  Maybe there are others who are wired like me, and they may be more motivated to help me out if I can apply my Top 5 List to my Kickstarter rewards. 

Whatever makes you tick, Reader, I hope my Kickstarter has something to offer you, and that you’ll consider giving to it at the level that motivates you.  I’ve tried to make it as fun, whimsical, and meaningful as I possibly can. If no category of reward seems to fit, I hope you’ll consider passing along the link to your friends.  I need all the help I can get! Stay tuned... -Em 

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