Judging Books

So I missed writing last Sunday’s blog last week.  But for good reason.  We were off the grid, camping on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It was autumnal paradise (see pic).  

Still it feels good to be home (and showered), back at the computer. Usually this is a weekly reflection blog, but last week’s reflection has blurred into this one’s.  It’s all about judging books… 

Things are very cut-and-dry in my world.  In Emilyland, there are abrasive people, and then there are gentle people. There are upright people, and then there are underhanded people. There are people who like you, and there are people who are out to get you. 

Over the past few weeks, people have proven me wrong on more than one occasion, which is enough to make me change my tune.  Last week, I met a total jerk that I’d previously only corresponded with via email, only to find out he’s just about the nicest guy ever.  Then I got an email from a liar, only to learn we’d been miscommunicating for weeks.  This week, I had a phone conversation with a person who claimed to be “just an intern” who knew more than most experts in his field. 

The point?  Trite as it sounds: it never pays to chock up anybody to anything.  Nobody is what they seem, and most people are better than you think.  Start regularly giving people the benefit of the doubt, and you’ll doubt a lot less, trust more, form better connections, and get a lot more accomplished. 

And on that positive note. Today is my one-year anniversary (I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!), as well as several of my close friends’ birthdays.  I’m off to finish celebrating.  Reader, I hope you’ve had a wonderful couple of weeks.  See you next Sunday.  -Em

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