It'll Be Funny Once It's Over

Now that the weekend is over, I can laugh at it. 

My restaurant provided all the food for an event at a local forest preserve on Saturday night.  It sounded easy enough.  Then we showed up, and we found out that our allocated set-up space was about 50 yards away from the event.   

Which means we sprinted—whilst carrying large trays of appetizers—a couple miles over the course of two hours. 

I’m still sore. Yet smiling. 

Reader, it dawned on me this week that—if we know it’s all gonna be funny once the madness is over—it wouldn’t hurt to just start laughing as it’s happening.  I eventually found my sense of humor at the end of the night in the event photo booth.  I wish I would have found it sooner. 

Wishing us all the ability to laugh our way through chaos this week.  See you next Monday. -Em

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