I Should Really

For the last few months, I've been on a writing jag.  My home "office" (aka the corner of our bedroom that has space for my instruments) is covered with lyrics scribbled on everything from post-its to receipts to cardboard boxes.  God forbid I actually keep a notepad.  

Anyway, I wanted to forgo writing here tonight in the interest of continuing to songwrite; see, I'm one of those hippies who believe that--when the fickle muses are finally in your camp--you must seize every moment. And so that’s what I intend to do. 

But before I go, I wanted to share a brief moment from my week. 

On Tuesday, I was working at my building in Rockford when an older gentleman named Elroy stopped by.  Incredibly, he had owned my building about 40 years ago. He said he wasn’t sure he should come by, but something told him to share his old stories and pictures with me.  And I was so glad he did. 

I’ve spoken thousands of sentences in my mind that begin with the phrase “I should really______.”  Pathetically, I’ve only made good on a small handful of those intentions.  

Elroy’s drop-in was a great reminder that, if something tells you that you should really do something, then really do it.   Call that person that’s on your mind.  Start that project you’ve been meaning to start. Pick up that hobby that you’ve always wanted to learn.  You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose (except the regret you’ll have if you don’t listen to your gut and give it a whirl). 

And now my gut tells me it’s time to get back to writing. See you next Sunday, Reader. -Em

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