Hunt Carefully

I awoke this morning to a forest full of hoar frost.  It was as if every twig of every tree was crystalline. And even though I've seen this phenomenon before and understand the science behind it, there's always something magical about it when it happens.  

Later on, I saw three deer amble through the woods.  They didn't seem scared of me at all. Between the deer, the hoar frost, and today being the 8 year anniversary of my Dad's death, I decided that it was all a big sign, meant to remind me that life is short. and I should keep going.

And so that became the truth.

Reader, it's a funny thing: we generally find exactly what we're looking for.  And sometimes, that's wonderful.  But sometimes, it's not.  If we go looking for problems in our relationships, we usually find them. And if we go looking for loving acts in our relationships, we usually find them.  If we look for justice in the world, we will find it, just like we would if we were searching for injustice. Today, I looked for magic in the woods, and I found it. What would have happened if I looked for sadness?

You get the gist. 

I plan on hunting more carefully in 2021, and I invite you to do the same.  Look for the good; I bet we'll find it, every time.  

My restaurant is closed indefinitely now until indoor dining resumes, and I plan on spending more time intentionally seeking out what I'd like to see.  Here's to a new outlook. I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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