Giving Thanks

Happy Sunday-after-Thanksgiving, Reader.  I hope you had a great holiday.  After 3 intense days of working at my building, my little family hit the road on Wednesday and headed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for our annual trip to the north woods.  The snow started about 2 hours into the drive and didn't stop until we hit our cabin on Wednesday night.  Below is a picture of the final stretch of the trip. As you can see, we were in the middle of nowhere...not a soul in sight.

Just like I like it.  

No cell reception.  No big city lights.  Nothing much to do besides enjoy the weather and the company.  And damn, I needed that more than I knew.

I consider myself to be a relatively strong and self-assured person, but lately, I find that I'm getting a little too wrapped up in world.  I follow the New York Times like a fiend.  I'm hooked on music blogs and get irrationally upset if I miss a new release.  And I find myself continuously checking in on social media to be sure I've kept up with everyone and am making them all happy.

Which doesn't ever make me truly happy.

And it's no wonder.  My brain is just so full with how much things need to change, how much is wrong with our world, how much work I have to do to keep up with it, etc.  And while there's nothing wrong with knowing all that could and should be done, it hasn't provided much space in my mind for thinking about all that is right.  

Removing access to the rest of the world--even for a few days--provided me so much clarity.  As I sit here tonight back in Rockford, IL, I'm still mighty aware of how much there is to be done, but I'm also content in my place in it all. The gifts around me feel endless.  I'm breathing.  I'm healthy.  I'm warm.  I'm safe.  I'm fed.  I am capable of love and I am surrounded by people to love.  The planet is still spinning, and I am still here.  Whatever else is happening in the world outside, these things have been granted to me.  I cherish them and hold them so dear this evening.  

And all I had to do was leave the world for awhile to remember.

I wish you a truly wonderful week ahead, Reader.  My building is moving along quickly now, and I'm also working on my annual fan-list holiday gift.  I'm so looking forward to sharing the fruits of my labors with you.  Hokey as it may sound, I'm so very grateful for each and every one of you.  Thanks for giving me something to work for.  See you next week. -Em

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