Give Receive Repeat

During my Kickstarter campaign, a man named Paul from Rockford’s Iverson Painting Company dropped me a line. He asked if he could pledge at the $1,500 level—which featured a 5-course meal for 20 people, plus a concert—and then use the event for his company holiday party.  Because my restaurant isn’t open yet, I asked him if he’d be alright having the party in my house.  He said yes.  (Actually it was more like “OMG heck yeah holy moly great.”) 

So last night, we had the Iverson Painting Company over for dinner.  

It was amazing. 

They were here for 5 hours, eating, and just enjoying each other’s company. We paired each course with a different wine/beer; we dirtied almost every glass and plate in the house.  I cooked like a crazy woman.  My husband, nephew, and father-in-law served all night.  When they finished the meal, I played holiday songs at the piano, and some folks gathered around the piano to sing.  Paul gave bonuses to his crew.  People stayed late and hung out by the fire. Corny to say, but we pretty much lived in a Norman Rockwell painting all night. 

If there’s anything that makes a person feel better feeling than giving, I don’t know what it is.  I feel so incredible today.  As we wind down to Christmas, I grow ever more convinced that there is nothing more important than to give.  Give time.  Give an ear.  Give resources.  Give solutions.  Give mindfully. Give freely and without need for remuneration.  Give energy.  Give love. 

And then when someone gives to you, receive, receive, receive with joy.  This cycle grows increasing beautiful to me through the years.  Reader, I hope there are a handful of people in your life that you have to give to this holiday season.  Have a wonderful week.  See you next Sunday.- Em

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