For No One

People are out there doing amazing things. 

This week alone, I witnessed three friends accomplishing incredible feats, for little to no audience.  One stood out. 

A couple weeks ago, a chef at my restaurant said he wanted to make ratatouille for a night menu item.  I said 'great,' and thought little of it. 

On Wednesday, he astounded the hell out of me.  After spending several hours cutting vegetables, he laid them in a color-pattern into a hotel pan (which took a few more hours).  He baked them in his own red pepper sauce.  The end result was even more beautiful than what the rat made in the damn Pixar movie. 

And I'm one of only two people alive who got to see it. 

Reader, if you're a fellow creator, just a reminder: we don't need to impress anyone else to make something of value.  We can do wonderful things, just for ourselves.  Feedback from others shouldn't change how good we feel about our creations. The reward is in the making, not in the praise. 

(Although let's be honest: praise is pretty great too...providing it doesn't define you). 

With that, I'm off to continue writing songs that most people will never hear.   I wish you a week of not giving a rip about what others think or don't think of all that you work for. See you next Monday. -Em

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