Escape Artist

I ran away to the Upper Peninsula this week.  It was a hard week at the restaurant; I thought some time with nature and family would help.

And it did.
Shikoba once said "the antidote to exhaustion isn't rest: it's nature." I believe this with my whole heart.  Sitting around the fire in the snow recharged pieces of my mind and heart that I didn't even know were empty.
Reader, we can't run away from our problems.  We can't run away from our responsibilities.  But we can allow ourselves some time to replenish our energy so that we can face the issues with a clear head.  If you too are tired and not ready to tackle problems, let's not forget about the power of escaping into nature.  It's all around us, and it's completely free.  
With that, I'm off to look at a few stars before bed.  See you next Monday. -Em

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