Enough Is Enough

On Wednesday night, I dreamt that I was sitting at the piano and wrote the most beautiful melody I'd ever heard.   I woke up at 2:37 am with the tune still stuck in my head.  So I snuck downstairs and sung the melody in a recording app on my phone.  Then I crawled back into bed and fell asleep.  

When I got up the next morning, I almost forgot about the tune.  I was a bit nervous to play the recording; I've recorded dream songs before, and when I listened to them the next morning, they were total rubbish.  Listening back to this one, though, I was surprised. 

Not rubbish.  It was still one of the most beautiful melodies I'd ever heard. 

Just one catch: no lyrics.  Not one word. 

Which has been driving me nuts.  The muses finally struck in a big way, and now they won't return.  I've been wracking my brain all week, and nothing has hit me.  Chasing down words like a lunatic lyric hunter has turned me into a crazy person.  I've clocked countless hours writing this week, desperate to be hit with the same stroke of genius. But the more I want the words to come, the more they elude me.  So I've come to a conclusion.

I need to stop wanting more.

Reader, when something great comes--be it love, money, or a random dreamy melody--it's human nature to want more of it.  We get a little taste, and then we want it in excess.  But there is a real wisdom (albeit unnatural) in allowing enough to be enough.  So I wrote a great melody?  Wonderful.  If more will come, then it will come.  But for now, enough is as good as a feast.

And with that, this content writer is off to enjoy a little night cap (this one is called "The Wanderlust," and it's available at my restaurant all spring).  See you next Monday. -Em


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