Embracing Crazy

This was the first uneventful week I've had since Johanna was born.  We only went to the hospital once, and it was for a scheduled appointment.  Hallelujah.

I've learned a lot from living through this crazy time with my baby's health issues.  But the biggest lesson is this:

The more I try to fix things, the more things fall apart.  

Since the beginning of the year, almost every time I've tried to do "the usual" (make dinner, book gigs, clean house, build the restaurant), nothing works out as usual.  And this should come as no surprise, because the usual is gone.  Still, it's human nature to try to get back to what's comfortable, to create some sense of recognizable order. Unfortunately, trying to impose old order on my new life is blowing up in my face.  Bwooooosh!

(That's the sound of my world hitting my face).

So I'm slowly, awkwardly, and a bit unnaturally trying to live in the crazy world for a while.  Not only live in it, but embrace it, enjoy it, and even capture it. And so this past Thursday, my producer John and guitarist Gregg and I hit the studio, and we laid down some new songs that I've written about this weird time.  It was the best day I've had in weeks.  The songs came out really nicely.  It turns out that--as chaotic as it is--the new world I'm living in has a lot to offer.  It's just been hard to see because I've been too busy trying to fix it.

Reader, I'm not sure how your lives are going this year, but if they're anything like mine, I hope you too are learning to enjoy the ride.  This week, I'll be continuing to work on the electrical/plumbing plans for my Norwegian restaurant, and I'll be hitting the studio again to lay down some more tunes.  (Unless of course a new round of crazy happens, in which case, I'll be trying to love the fresh dose of chaos).  Regardless, I'll see you back here next Sunday. -Em

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