Creating the Magic

Being a kid during the holidays and experiencing all the light-hearted magic is wonderful. 

Being an adult during the holidays and creating all the light-hearted magic is HARD. 

This week—both at home and at work—I devoted my time to getting other humans into the holiday spirit.  We decorated the house.  We made ornaments. I made the kids give some of their toys to others.  I made Christmas cookies at work, and I bought presents for all of my staff.  

And I’m exhausted.  But my heart is full. 

Reader, if you’re having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year, it helped me to get generous.  Not with money, but with time and energy.   

God knows I need to redirect my energy. 

I’ve become bitter this year, watching how politicians have abandoned my industry and my employees.  It has consumed my mind to think about how my restaurant has been forced to close for indoor dining since October 3rdwith no relief in place. 

But bitterness is a waste of energy.  Focusing on how angry I am has done nothing to change my situation.  Truly, nothing.  Yet focusing on how I can do the most good?  Well that’s been a bit of magic for me this week. 

Wishing you the same vibes. I’ll see you next Monday. -Em

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