I figure it’s about time to let the cat out of the bag, Reader.  I’m three months pregnant.  My husband and I are still in shock.  The timing isn’t convenient, nor is the nausea, but I’m rolling with it.  

Which brings me to this week’s reflection. 

I played 3 shows this weekend.  They weren’t convenient either. The first one took place during our first major flash flood of the year. The second one was outdoors on the same day that our area had its first “heat warning;” they actually closed summer schools because of heat.  The third one had even higher heat indexes than the second. 

But nothing is convenient, really. The concept of convenience is just humans wanting what they want when they want it.  As great as that sound, it doesn’t make for a rich or rewarding life.  You don’t grow and learn in times of convenience.  You don’t come up with original solutions to problems during convenience. And you sure as hell don’t get to truly experience the real, unplanned, gritty good stuff in life if you wait to act until conditions are perfectly convenient for you. 

This week’s shows were surprisingly well attended.  Folks braved the rain and heat and came out to show their support and experience the gritty good stuff.  And I can’t tell you in words how much that meant.  To listen to the thunder shake the venue that first night, and still see friends and family come through the door—completely drenched—well it brought a tear to my eye. Then to be covered in sweat and watch as old friends sat in the hot sun, fanning their red faces and clapping like wild after every song—my heart broke for the joy of it all. 

It served as a reminder: I need to be better about supporting my friends and fellow musicians, even though it’s not convenient these days as a pregnant, nauseated mom of an 11-month old.  Because really? No time will ever be the ‘right’ time.  So we may as well do the thing anyway. 

And with that, this pregnant musician is hitting the hay. I hope you have a beautifully inconvenient week, Reader, full of surprises.  See you next Sunday. –Em

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