Come Together...Right Now

Christmas came down in our house today.  I just got finished packing the ornaments and picking the remaining pine needles out of my hair and clothes.  (Those buggers get everywhere).  Until next year, Tannenbaum. 

It was New Year’s Day on Friday.  Our little family crossed into 2016 without much pomp and circumstance.  Quiet celebrations always suit me just fine.  My baby boy is 5 months old now, and he was definitely the only one interested in making it til midnight…the little party animal. 

So this is generally the blog that includes my personal highlights of 2015 and my hopes for 2016.  I’m breaking tradition today to veer slightly off topic. 


Yup.  Robots.  Last night I played a house concert for the Kahlers, who backed my Kickstarter last summer.  The house was cozy, full of homemade food, and jam-packed with some of the kindest, smartest, and funniest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  Their connection? 


They met because most of their kids were on robotics teams.  Throughout the evening, I learned so many interesting things about nanotechnology, Einstein, and SpaceX.  It was this nerd’s dream concert.  

But my biggest takeaway from the night is not so much about the music or the robots or the glorious nerdery.  What hit me was just how wonderful it is to bring people together.  All of us last night were remarkably different, but we got along well, simply because we were in the Kahler’s house. 

And therein lies my only hope for 2016…to come together.  As the world provides us ever more reasons to divide and separate (that means you, Donald Trump), I hope to find more reasons to work together, to respect each other, and to even enjoy each other. Here’s hoping that I can get my restaurant open in 2016, and that it is the kind of place that brings people—of  all walks of life—together. 

I wish you a happy New Year, Reader.  See you next Sunday. -Em

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