Change of Scenery

Most Sunday mornings, my little family gets up and drinks coffee, listens to the records, and plans out our day in the kitchen.  This Sunday morning was just about the same, except we did all of it in an unfinished attic. 
Something about the change of scenery made Sunday morning coffee feel more special.  The rest of our day felt magical, like anything was possible.  We kept that vibe rolling and took the kids to the Shedd Aquarium.  We walked around Chicago in the rain.  We ate whole loaves of bread for lunch. We ended the night around the fire playing old board games.
And I can't say any of that would have happened if we would have started our Sunday on the couch.
Reader, this week, I was reminded that while routine is nice, we sometimes need to change our scenery in order to really appreciate what we have, to see all the possibilities around us. Shaking up our environment has a way of shaking us out of our comfort zone.  Something as simple as sitting in an attic for coffee led to one of the best days I've had in months.
If you too find yourself stuck lately, change your scenery, and see if anything new pans out. Wishing you courage and magic this week, and I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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