Boss Brain

I think too much. The mind is a bastard.

I even think too much about thinking too much.  The chatter in my head has been louder than usual these days. On Friday morning, it was deafening.  I could barely focus on my work because I was distracted by thinking about my work. 

For me, there’s only one way to stop my mind from spinning (that doesn’t involve good drugs and alcohol), and that’s taking deep breaths and listening to my gut.  Bizarre as it sounds, everything in my gut was saying “get me outta this house.”

I spontaneously rented a cabin for the night in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  I packed up my kids and my mom and we hit the road.  Once we got there, we rolled in prairies.  We made bonfires.  We slept in hammocks.  We put together jigsaw puzzles.  

And my thoughts were almost inaudible.

Reader, I sometimes think the mind is the wrong team captain. It’s too loud, too stubborn, and too selfish to make the calls for the rest of the body. Lately, my mind has been pushing my body beyond its limits. And I’m ready to give it a leave-of-absence and let my heart steer this ship for a little while.  As backward as this may seem, our mental health sometimes can’t be fixed by our minds.

If you’re lost in your mind this week, consider that you’re wise in more ways than you think.  I’ll see you next Monday. -Em

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