First post-baby show is happening this Saturday night!  “Yay!” thinks I. 

“Yikes,” thinks my body.  

Damnit. I’m out of practice.  

It dawns on me that my son has completely taken the place of my piano.  And oh how my piano is making me pay for the neglect.  Playing and making music is really no different than any other practice.  You get soft.  You get out of shape. You run out of steam, both from a performance and a songwriting standpoint.  So the phrase “use it or lose it” is ringing in my ears tonight loud and clear. 

And I decided that’s it. I’m sending myself to bootcamp, first thing tomorrow morning.  

I’m setting my alarm for 5 am, and I’m going to exercise my withering music muscles until they go from puny to massive.  I’m going to practice for 30 minutes, then write for another hour. It will take a while to build up what I’ve lost, but I’m ready.  Flabby music muscles: you’re history. 

Also, I have no shortage of things to write about after my two-month hiatus. Dear lord…my son makes my heart explode. Whatever surrounds you this week, Reader, I hope it explodes your heart, too.  -Em

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