Better Things

Yesterday morning--with a hundred better things to do--I rented a 12-person van and drove my restaurant staff into Chicago.  On the drive in, we wore matching Farm & Fleet shirts, drank coffee, and sang The Cure way too loud (funny how coffee does that).  My plan was to drop them off at The Heritage Wine Gala at The Ritz Carlton; they would sample more than 500 wines, and I would work in the lobby.

But then yesterday afternoon--with a hundred better things to do--I walked around the Wine Gala w/ them, talking to vineyard owners, farmers, and other restaurant owners in the area.  I tried some incredible barrel-aged wine, ate some fancy cheese, and got to know my staff a lot better (funny how wine does that).  My plan at that point was to take them to a nice restaurant called Lula for dinner; we would eat quickly, and then get back on the road.

But then last night--with a hundred better things to do--we sat for hours at Lula, trying absolutely amazing food, sampling cocktails, and laughing about work (funny how cocktails do that).  We shared plates and stories until we'd all had our fill and slowly ambled back to the van.  We drove home content, chatting and giggling about who knows what.  All I know is:

Sometimes it's better not to do the better things.

Reader, I hope you have a tremendous week.  I'll see you back here next Monday. -Em

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