Being Hypochondriacal & Living The Good Life

I had a routine physical this week.  It was fairly regular, until my doctor decided to run an EKG to check on my heart.  I found out that I have left atrial enlargement. The doctor scheduled an echocardiogram and a few more labs.  Until they run more tests, they can’t say for certain what’s wrong. 

But in my mind, I’m about to have my first heart attack. 

Being a hypochondriac and an overreactor, I tend to jump to conclusions a lot when it comes to my health. (I wrote the first version of my Last Will & Testament when I was 19 years-old and had a few kidney stones.) Though fortunately--for me--getting bad medical news is a good thing. 

When mortality hits me, I’m struck by how short and fragile life is, and my life becomes more meaningful. I take time to enjoy a sunrise.  I write more music.  I enjoy my loved ones.  I have richer conversations and don’t waste time on petty issues.  I call up old friends, and be sure to give my dog extra ear scratches. 

You know, the same life I should be living without thinking I’m about to have a heart attack. 

Reader, life goes by in a wink.  Let’s not forget it.  Every minute is a gift that is gone as quickly as it comes.  Let’s get out there this week and make the most of every moment. There’s no need to wait until we get bad news to live our best life. 

Since I got the heart news last week, I’ve written a song, taken long walks with my dog, spent a long night with my husband by the fire, and even managed to take these two knuckleheads and their uncle to the movies.  I’ll be making the most out of the coming week, too. -Em

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