I hate when chapters end.  Even bad ones.  

I remember as a kid in high school, watching the inseparable bonds I'd formed w/ elementary school friends separate.  I was a wreck.  And of course I'd make new friends.  And of course it was all ok.  But in the moment, knowing a chapter was closing forever would devastate me.

At the end of 2019 and the brink of 2020, I only have one firm resolution:

Be less devastated by uncertainty. Look around. Move forward. Repeat.

Reader, I'm often filled with doubt and fear.  The voices in my head are loud. Will I be able to afford the healthcare our kids need? Will I earn enough money to record an album this year? Will my restaurant survive?  And I don't know the answers. I can already feel that some chapters are about to close.

But I do know that the clouds will pass, and the horizon goes on forever. What feels murky now will become clear later.  And I'm putting my faith in that beautiful phenomenon.  Wishing you the happiest New Year.  See you in 2020. -Em

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