Cleaning Out Life's Wardrobe

A few years back, I made a decision about my clothes: anything that I didn't love, I would give away.  It was a cathartic process to clean out my wardrobe. Even though I only had a few shirts and a pair of pants at the end of the exercise, I felt really good about what I had left. 

Since then, I've been applying the "love it or leave it" approach to everything from pieces of artwork to cooking utensils.  Why have what doesn't make me really damn happy?   

This week, I had another breakthrough on that front.  I was up late writing songs, and it was a struggle.  I spent almost 2 hours on a tune that was going nowhere. And the more I tried to work with the words I had, the worse the song became.  Then I remembered my wardrobe exercise and thought, "Do I love this?"  And the answer came back fast. "No. No you don't."

And so I scratched it.  I left it all behind.  And man I felt relieved.  I waited to write lyrics again until I loved what I was writing, and things fell into place. 

Reader, most weeks don't have morals for me, but this one did.  Whatever I make, whatever I buy, whatever I put on my walls, whatever music I write: I better be loving it.  Intentionally.  For me, it works best to filter out what doesn't work, and distill what's left. No sense (or time) to do otherwise.  

On an aside: I had my first fire in the woods tonight, and it filled me with joy beyond measure.  Whatever you're up to this week, I wish you happiness and a hell of a lot of honest love. I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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