Hat Shop Acceptance

Tonight, my friend Gregg and I were supposed to play a show.  Then we thought we'd be rained out, so we canceled it.  Then the weather became gorgeous, and now I'm regretting the cancelation. 

Such is life. It was actually nice to have a breather.

I'm wearing so many hats lately that I could start a hat shop.  I continue to work 60+ hours a week at my restaurant while trying to run a home with small children and write music in the middle of the night.  Sometimes my reality frustrates me. I reel hard against my condition, and get angry about how busy I feel.

Until now.  Tonight, I'm trying something new.

Radical acceptance.  

Reader, I've always hated the expression "it is what it is." But tonight, I'm fully embracing it.  The situation I'm in? It is what it is...for now. Rather than resist, I think I'm just going to live through it until I see my next clear step, and enjoy the pleasant surprises along the way.

With that, I'm off to take off my restaurant hat and put on the musician hat for a few hours. Because that's what life looks like right now. Wishing you this same deep acceptance until the next move is clear.  I leave you with today's pleasant surprise: a giant puffball mushroom that I found while walking the dog and sautéed up for dinner. See you next Monday. -Em

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