The Ham-On Soup Phenomenon

Amazing stuff happens when you don’t have much to work with.  Cobbling together odd bits created some pretty original things for me this week. 

On Friday night, I played a show with the few musicians that I could find. At the last minute, an unprecedented trio of fiddle, piano, and drums was born, and the show was incredible. We laughed.  The audience laughed.  The sound we made together was unlike anything I had heard before. 

At my restaurant, we decided to make some food specials out of what we had on hand, just to free up some freezer space. My supplies were limited and traditionally didn't fit well together.  But I made a soup out of ham stock and scraps of salmon belly.  Low and behold, ham salmon soup (aka "ham-on" soup) was created, and it was surprisingly smoky, briny, and delicious. 

And on the home front, the kids and I were running low on art supplies, so we decided to make pictures out of leaves and tape.  The result?  Stained glass window oak leaf art installations all around the house. 

Reader, so often, I see my limitations as a weakness.  But it's nice to have weeks where I remember just how much is invented when I don't have what I think I need. 

Wishing you a week of creative solutions to your limits.  See you next Monday. -Em

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