Merry Sunday, Reader.  This was a great week.  I’m rundown, but my spirits are up.  

Oh Thursday, we played our first full band show since my baby was born.  The place was packed; it was a benefit for a local environmental organization called Seven Generations Ahead.  We only had 3 weeks to rehearse before getting on stage and putting our best feet forward.  

During the show, we were a little rough around the edges. The harmonies weren’t tight.  Our muscle memory for the songs had weakened, and we all hit our fair share of honkers.  But the crowd loved it, and the whole night was more fun than I’ve had in months. 

After the show was over, I reflected a little, and I was reacquainted with an old lesson: 

Being “ready” doesn’t mean being prepared. 

If I had waited to get back out on stage until I was certain there would be no mistakes, it never would have happened.  I don’t think I’ve ever played a song from start to finish without an error in it.  But how miserable would I be if I let my errors dictate my decisions?  

At some point, the desire to try has to outweigh the fear of failing.   

Readiness is built on confidence. This week, I’m reminded not to wait until you feel ready to go for it.  Just prep a little, get brave, and make it happen.  LEAP!  And with that, I’m about to leap into my car to get groceries for supper. See you next Sunday. -Em

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