For The Birds

My Grandma Ruth spent the final years of her life sitting by her kitchen window, looking at the birds.  She lived to be 96, and she was the kindest person I knew.  She ate a lot of coffeecake, swam the river, and loved a strong CC & soda.

Apparently, that's the recipe for longevity.

Also, she had no idea what the internet was.  A few months before she died, she asked us: "What does 'dot com' mean?"  We all thought it was just adorable how behind the times she was.

Today, I think she was onto something.

This was a stressful week for me. We've been under-staffed at the restaurant, so I've been over-worked.  When I get home at night, I'm exhausted.  I'm usually just looking for something to read or watch to take my mind off things, like Instagram or Twitter.

Which does the opposite of take my mind off things.

Reader, I've had enough of the sanctimonious 280-character rants.  Anymore, it seems like social media is for finding articles, information, and memes that fit a person's pre-existing thoughts, opinions, and inner narratives.  We're not on-line to learn, observe, or better understand; we're on-line to validate our feelings with as few words as possible.  We get madder about the things we're already mad about, and more righteous about the things we already feel righteous about.

My time is worth more than that.

Last Friday, I made a promise to myself to spend less time on-line and more time like my Grandma Ruth, peacefully taking in what's around me, caring for others, and only fighting when it's necessary (because sometimes, it is).  The summer is beautiful. The elderflower is really popping, the cardinals are on the feeder, and my kids are getting bigger everyday.  And I'm not gonna miss it.  Whatever you're up to this week, I hope it brings you peace and understanding. Don't forget how precious the time is.  See you next Monday. -Em



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