I'm a bird mom!  This year for Mother's Day, my family got me 10 silkie chicks to keep in the backyard for eggs and for snuggling.  Until they get older (and until I get off my rear and build the coop), they're living in a deep box in our dining room.  We're all pretty enamored.
And they are too.
In learning about chicks, I've been learning about imprinting: it's apparently a rapid learning process that takes place early in the life of a social animal that establishes their identity and behavior patterns.  If an animal imprints on a human, they feel connected to humans for life. Even though we've only had the chicks for a few days, I can already feel them bonding with our family. They're happy to waddle over and snuggle with us on the sofa.  I'm very grateful for this experience.
And even though I'm not a bird, it makes me very grateful for my own parents. I clearly imprinted on them. I've been songwriting more than usual lately, and what's coming out feels like it's deep in my psyche.  I know the hippie records my parents played and the songs they used to sing sunk in and became a part of me. Maybe it's not technically imprinting, but I was certainly impacted in a very deep way.
Reader, if you celebrated Mother's Day, I hope it was a good one.  As we go through the week, let's not forget how much we're all shaping each other.  Use the kind words, listen to the good music, and love big.  See you next Monday. -Em

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