The Creativity Cup

I spent the weekend getting our winter market set up at my restaurant.  If you’re free and live in the area, please stop by.  All the details are on the homepage of the website:

With all the work to do at Snømarket, I didn’t have much time to write music this week.  I was mentally prepared to be tanked: songwriting has been a lifeline for me this year, and I miss it when I don’t play for a few days. But for the first time in a long time, I didn’t miss it. Largely because my creativity cup got filled by building and making signs for the market.

Reader, I was reminded this week: if you can’t have artistic fulfilment in one area of your life, you can still be fulfilled in others. The hungry creator in each of us can flourish in other mediums.  If the holidays leave you a little short on time for the things you love to do, try to put your love into the things you have to do.  You may have more ways to express yourself than you realize.

Wishing you a week of pouring yourself into whatever project lies ahead.  See you next Monday. -Em


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