1. Sky Blues

From the recording Meanwhile I Love You


Man these big-talk love affairs never were a fit.
Stepped outside to get some air and talk to you a bit.
Guys like that go on forever. You know just the type.
You and I talk more than ever since the day you died.
It was hard to break the news.
That you went and met the blues up there in the sky.

I kept the house. I sold your truck. Thought you wouldn’t mind.
Most days I ain’t keepin up, but Mom is doing fine.
I digress. The kids got older. One has got your eyes.
You and I keep getting closer since you had to fly.
I get down, but what’s the use?
There’ll be time enough for blues up there in the sky.

I’d a told ya sooner but it was too hard to say.
God has got some humor that I don’t appreciate.

I don’t drink as often now. Like you said I should.
And my heart has softened now. Since you said it would.
Just in case I didn’t mention: you were right those days.
You really got my attention since you went away.
Man I’m glad we called a truce.
Long before I hit the blues with you in the sky.

I’ll talk to ya later. But for now. I gotta go (on)
Living life with strangers with a best friend that’s a ghost.

Money’s tight no matter how much of it I got.
Sometimes glad you ain’t around to see all that I’m not.
Death has always terrified me til it had my back
I have kept you right beside me since the heart attack.
Life’s a win until you lose.
But I wait to have the blues up there in the sky.