1. Takeout

From the recording Meanwhile I Love You


Line round the corner of Clark and Berwyn
Is calling out orders, and I call one in.
Somewhere you may be are taking out too.
Meanwhile on Main Street, I think about you.

Autumn showtimes are at dusk and at dawn.
I’m in no mood tonight, but the show must go on.
I hope it’s pretty wherever you stay.
Meanwhile this city ain’t really the same.

It don’t hit on Christmas or some holiday.
When I’m prepared to feel.
And I ain’t religious, but as of today.
I found out what makes me kneel.

The unknowing braggers, they dine in that joint.
Their laughter’s a dagger that drives home the point.
I’d be a mess, honey, some other time.
Meanwhile in this one, I try to be fine.

It don’t hit the way now that it did before.
I built a wall back then.
Leave it take-out to open the door.
And you find your way back in.

The face on my clock says it’s time to get home
Where I eat food from boxes from places we’d go.
Where’d you wind up? You went off like a light.
Meanwhile, I love you. I miss you. Goodnight.
Meanwhile, I love you. I miss you. Goodnight.