1. Last Words

From the recording Underkill

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Last Words

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The last words I wanna hear
Ain't prayers or cares or hymns.
Because I'm no angel, dear.
I'll just go out the way I came in.
Turn the lights down. Don't say a thing.
The night has a sound, and it's got a good ring.
Mighty's too strong for me. Righteous all wrong for me.
I just want somebody human as me.

The last thoughts I wanna have
Aint sweet or deep or nice.
Because life ain't been like that.
And a plain "how strange" will suffice.
Tonight, please don't go. This is the place.
How little you know just how little it takes.
Liars ain't fooling me. Trying's too cool for me
I just want somebody human as me.

The last words I'll understand
Ain't the best or the blessed or the good.
Because I don't need a man
Who just talks the way that he should.
My time is yours. Will you be mine?
I'm all outta words, and I'm in for the night.
Silence is fine by me. Lie here awhile by me.
I just want somebody human like you.