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Like I Got Options

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You tell me I'm strong because I come off tough,
And I get along without any love.
You're one funny guy. You're talking like I got options.

You say you're impressed I'm making ends meet.
Without any rest, I'm still on my feet.
You're real funny, kid. You're talking as if I got options.

The sun don't come up because it thinks it's fun.
It does what it does because it's the sun.

You give me the chills when I hear your voice.
I'm using my will because I got no choice.
Life must be so fine when you're the kind that's got options.

It ain't because I'm good. It ain't because I'm brave.
I do what I should because there's no other way.

So enjoy your drink. I'll close up the tab.
You think what you think. I'll call you a cab,
And tell you goodbye. I'm talking like I got options.
I'll tell you goodbye. I'm talking like I got options.