1. Slack

From the recording Underkill

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Don't be so hard on me.  I'm doing that myself.
Ain't like it's hard to see every time I fell. 
Case you can't tell,
I cut a wicked path to get me standing here.
I wish you'd take it back. Been a hell of a year,
Hell of a year.

Ain't it like the rain to come down in sheets.
Ain't it on the day that you need it least.
If I had my way, we'd be in our sheets 
Upon our backs, and you'd be cutting me some...

This smile is getting old. But man it gets it done.
Not sure it's gonna hold.  But it's had a hell of a run, 
Hell of a run.

Ain't it like the sun to have light in spades.
Ain't it on the one that you'd die for shade.
If I had my druthers, mistakes I made 
Would slip through cracks, and you'd be cutting me some...

Now that I come to think, you're looking rough yourself.
We're all just on the brink. You're probably tired as hell.
And it's ringing a bell.

Ain't it like me to keep pain in mind.
Ain't I gonna see when your pain is mine.
If I were the queen, hearts would be the kind 
That don't attack, and I'd be cutting you some slack.