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Here In The Shadows

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There ain’t a sky like the fourth of July.
I can hear it tonight down the road.
The magic unfurls for the rest of the world. In the darkness, we curl up at home.
Over there, the fireworks blare.
And everyone’s singing a tune.
I’d trade the cheers to be
Here in the shadows with you.

The friendship was struck in the back of a truck
The first night we got stuck in the storm.
You pulled out your pipe as we sat there outside.
We rode out the night keeping warm.
Over there with windblown hair
They’ll drive to their next saloon.
I’d trade that pace for a
Taste of the shadows with you.

Nightshades, we go to the valley below.
We bloom and we grow when the sun goes away.
Between the sight of the dark or the light,
I’d choose the night any day.

Can’t get my fill of time that we kill.
Honey, come thrill me again.
Your eyes are a stage and the night is a play And the moon is the main event
Over there they’ve got their share
Of dreams that they’re chasing too.
Let em do what they will
Cause I’m still in the shadows with you.