1. Them Stars

From the recording Nightshades

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Them Stars

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Like a bottle of wine lets loose my lips,
Like a song in slow time lets loose my hips,
Just loosen the lines, and I’ll be true.
Sometimes love binds just by letting it loose.

Like the sound of the rain lets down my guard,
Like a man of no games lets down my cards,
Just let down the shade, and stick around.
Sometimes love lights up by letting it down.

Just look at them stars,
Up there in the sky.
They ain’t hangin on tight,
They're just hangin on high.
The heavens above
Are speaking my mind.
They ain’t desperate for love,
They just wanna shine.

Like the strike of a match lets fly a spark,
Like the shadow you cast lets fly my heart.
Let’s fly past the past, right now’s all right.
Sometimes love lies down by letting it fly.

Like the start of a dance lets go my years,
Like an easy romance lets go my fears,
Just let go my hands, and yours I will hold.
Sometimes love’s right there by letting it go.
Sometimes love's right there by letting it go.